Leading Questions: Let’s Talk About Ourselves

This article was originally published at Comics Bulletin on July 14, 2016. Every week in a new installment of “Leading Questions”, the young, lantern jawed Publisher of Comics Bulletin Mark Stack will ask Co-Managing Editor Chase Magnett a question he must answer. However, Mark doesn’t plan on taking it easy on Chase. He’ll be setting […]

Comics Are High Art, A Response to The New York Times

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on October 27, 2014. Chris Suellentrop, a freelance contributor to The New York Times, wrote an opinion piece printed on Sunday (October 26, 2014) regarding the future of videogames and the recent Gamergate debacle. The column is generally thoughtful and well written with one major exception. Suellentrop makes […]

Comics Vs. Graphic Novels: Semantic Showdown

If you walk into any bookstore or library and want to read a comic, what label do you look for? It’s “graphic novel”. Unless you’re in a comic book store, comics (specifically in America) sit under the label of “graphic novel”. They are situated as a category or genre of English prose, like “Western” or […]