6 Ways to Get a Squirrel Girl Movie Right

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on August 28, 2016. Rumors and rumblings of Squirrel Girl making a leap to the big screen are on the rise. It doesn’t seem like you can go a single day without a new casting idea or bit of gossip appearing on entertainment websites like yours truly. That’s […]

The 5 Best Dr. Seuss Books for National Read Across America Day

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on March 2, 2016. Today we celebrate the life of Theodor Seuss Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss) on National Read Across America Day (better known as Dr. Seuss Day). It is not only a noble cause encouraging everyone to treasure and enjoy literacy, but a fitting celebration […]

Cannibals, Midwesterners, and Talking Horses: The Best TV of 2015

This article was originally published at Loser City on December 18, 2015. TV in 2015 was wonderfully weird and eclectic, with basic cable taking up more of the critical conversation and Netflix continuing its ascent as a major player. Our favorite shows this year ran the gamut, from pop superheroics on the CW to the […]

Entering the World of Fables

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on July 23, 2015. If you’ve never read DC’s Fables, it can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. The series ended this week with a 130-page final issue, leaving behind one of the most impressive series in comics. The core Fables titles ran 150 issues translated into 14 languages and told over […]

ComicBook.com’s San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on July 6, 2015. San Diego Comic-Con is just a few days away. As you probably know, it’s the biggest comics convention in the world, a five day marathon of panels, signings, exclusives, and parties. When the madness hits, you’ll want to be prepared. Luckily for you, SDCC […]

Participate In This Truly Heroic Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE is sponsoring a fantastic fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation this summer. They are sponsoring a drawing with a wide selection of great comics prizes that they will ship anywhere in the world. Participants can potentially win Amazing Spider-Man #127 (1st Punisher), Iron Man #55 (1st Thanos), Avengers #54 […]

Take A Break From ‘Orange Is The New Black’ With These Prison-Themed Comics

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on June 12, 2015. Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix today for its third season. Even two years past its debut, the series seems like a surprising success based on the premise: A comedy set in a women’s prison centering on Piper Chapman, one unlucky yuppie. Yet […]

Five Ways Hannibal Lecter Inspired Comics and TV Villains

Darth Vader in Star Wars. The Shark in Jaws. Norman Bates in Psycho. The Xenomorph in Alien. These are titans of villainy in American popular culture. They are the characters who have taught just how great bad guys can be. But there is one man stands above the rest, and whose impact on stories almost thirty years after […]

EXCLUSIVE Image Comics Preview: STARVE

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on May 9, 2015. Brian Wood, Danijel Zezelj, and Dave Stewart have provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive preview of their Image Comics series: Starve. Set in the not-too-distant future, Starve follows Gavin Cruikshank a world-famous chef who runs a cooking show called Starve. Though once a small, earnest […]

Maggie Review: Strong Performances Save A Sluggish Take On The Zombie Genre

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on May 8, 2015. Maggie is not your standard zombie film. Rather than focusing on the shock value and gore that have helped to make The Walking Dead so popular, it inverts many of the stock horror tropes in favor of something surprising. It is a small film […]