Last Second Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Comics Fans

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on December 16, 2016.


Christmas is less than two weeks away and that means it’s crunch time for many holiday shoppers. If you’ve been too busy working, cleaning the house, or catching up on movies, then you need to get some things for your loved ones, and FAST! Luckily, we’re here to help.

If you’re scrolling through ComicBook.Com, then it’s likely you have at least a few comics fans in your life in need of presents this month. We’ve assembled a guide that should provide some options perfect for the self-identified “geeks” and “nerds” you’ll be seeing around the Yule log. Check out the slides ahead for some of the best comics and accessories to pick up for your favorite comics fans this holiday season.


Jack Kirby: Pencils and Inks

Published by IDW Publishing


Click Here to Purchase

This one is coming out just in the nick of time, released in comics stores last week and available through all others next week. It is also absolutely worth the wait. If you know any fans of Jack “The King” Kirby (and how could you not?), then this is an absolute must have for their library shelves. This over-sized hardcover volume contains the first issues of The Demon, Kamandi, and O.M.A.C. both as original pencils and final inked pages. It provides both insight and appreciation for the work of Kirby, inker Mike Royer, and the collaborative nature of comics. Give this as a gift and expect to be hearing about it for years to come as each return to this artwork reveals new rewards.


Classic Spider-Man Cardigan

Produced by WeLoveFine


Click Here to Purchase

‘Tis the season for cardigans! For far too long this form of sweater has held a reputation for being old fashioned, when they are really the most accessorizable and logical sort of sweater. They include pockets, button up or down depending on where you are, and can go over just about anything. Now add Spider-Man to that set of pros and you have one incredible piece of clothing. This Spidey Cardi is one comics fans will be happy to wear at Christmas with the family or to work on casual Friday. It’s the most comfortable way to let your geek flag fly this winter.


DC: The New Frontier

Published by DC Comics


Click Here to Purchase

DC: The New Frontier was first published in 2004, but the newest edition is a worthy addition to any comics fan’s library. Published in the wake of its creator Darwyn Cooke’s death, this massive trade paperback collects the complete story along with a veritable bounty of backmatter. Sketches, scripts, and notes create a clear portrait of how one of DC Comics’ best mini-series was brought to life, and offer insight on Cooke’s unique artistic mind. Unlike the Absolute edition, this version is small enough to take with you for reading on the flight home after the holidays as well. This is the perfect reader’s edition for fans and newcomers alike to DC: The New Frontier.


Marvel Squirrel GIrl Earrings

Produced by ThinkGeek


Click Here to Purchase

One of the most consistent problems facing any comics fan’s wardrobe is: How much is too much? You want to show off what you love, but wearing a Secret Wars t-shirt to the office is probably not a wise decision. So how do you show off your passion for comics without breaking dress code? With these Squirrel Girl earrings. Two sets of studs featuring Tippy Toe and a pair of nuts will wink at anyone in the know, while also making a cute pairing with many outfits. Help the Squirrel Girl fan in your life eat nuts and kick butts at school or work with this great set of earrings.


Moebius Library: The World of Edena

Published by Dark Horse Comics


Click Here to Purchase

Moebius is widely revered as a foundational figure in modern comics art. Unfortunately, many of his best works outside of The Incal are consistently out of print in America. That means anytime a Moebius comic returns in a new format it’s cause to celebrate, and this one comes just before the holidays. The World of Edena features this master at his most lush and detailed as he constructs a complete world that will enthrall readers for hours. You can be sure that any hardcore comic geek will spend hours perusing these pages as soon as they finish unwrapping it.


Marvel Legends 3-Pack

Produced by Hasbro


Click Here to Purchase

One of the great parts of having a comics library is being able to decorate the shelves with toys and other memorabilia. Following in the wake of this year’s hit Captain America: Civil War, Hasbro has put out a set of three of Marvel’s greatest heroes perfect for just that. Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man are more recent staples in cinema, but they’ve been headliners in comics since the 1960s. Whether you group them together or separately, they’re sure to look great hanging out by the comics featuring their names. They’ll also give whoever receives this gift an excuse to play with action figures, something that you never truly grow out of.


March (Trilogy Slipcase Set)

Published by First Second


Click Here to Purchase

This is a great gift not only for comics fans, but history buffs as well. All three volumes of March have regularly landed on “Best of” lists for comics and literature alike. Congressman John Lewis’ story of the Civil Rights movement in America is as powerful and important as ever, and beautifully rendered into the comics medium. The richly colored slipcase also makes the final collection standout on any bookshelf. This is one “must read” comic where that label applies to more than just comics readers. Be sure to consider getting it for anyone who you might have missed earlier in the shopping season.


Batman: The Telltale Series

Produced by Telltale


Click Here to Purchase

It’s easy to get caught up in the never-ending cycle of life throughout the year, which makes the holidays such a great time to catch up on video games. For many readers gaming can take up too much time, but the Batman series from Telltale is absolutely worth the investment for fans of the character. Not only can it all be played in a single day (albeit a long one), but it tells a really fantastic story of the Dark Knight. Help give your favorite comic reader a break by swapping one couch-bound activity involving Batman for another. Neither of you will regret it.


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