Deadpool Movie: Top Five Moments

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on February 20, 2016.

Deadpool Moments

The Deadpool movie is finally here and even at a tight 100 minutes it is packed with action, jokes, and characters. From the opening action sequence to the big finale, not a single minute is lacking in laughs or thrills. There’s a lot to love about this superhero movie that’s absolutely unlike any other superhero movie. If you’re still not convinced on whether you should check it out or if you’re just looking to recall the highlights, these are our five favorite moments of the Deadpool movie.


  1. Opening Credits

This one is just for all of you idiots who have decided to ignore the spoiler warning despite not having seen the movie. You can read this installment without losing any of the surprises of the movie. Just take a look at this, then walk away. Seriously, if this what I’m about to describe sounds like it’s up your alley, go enjoy the movie and then come back. I promise this article will still be here. It’s the internet; nothing ever goes away here.

The opening credits of Deadpool put you right in the leaked footage from San Diego Comic Con that got the movie made. It’s not only an action-packed sequence, but it captures the humor and tone of the movie perfectly. Rather than featuring the names of actors and production staff as the camera moves in slow motion throughout the carnage of a tumbling SUV, it just shows the essence of each role. Ryan Reynolds is “God’s Perfect Idiot” and Brianna Hildebrand is “Surly Teenager”. It’s a hilarious introduction to a movie that totally fulfills the promise of this irreverent credits sequence.

  1. Deadpool Tries to Fight Colossus

The entire opening sequence (spaced between a variety of flashbacks) is an absolute blast. Fans will recognize much of it from the leaked footage, but there’s a reason this adrenaline pumping sequence managed to get an entire franchise-launching movie made. It’s great. However, the best bit comes at the end after a couple of X-Men decide to intercede. Colossus drops in as the earnest lunkhead of Chris Claremont’s epic run to try and help Deadpool as a potential recruit. Deadpool isn’t having it and decides he’d rather fight the man made of organic steel.

Watching the ensuing horror show of Deadpool throwing useless limbs against unforgiving steel is a riotous amount of fun. Limb after limb shatters against an unmoving form like some sort of CGI enhanced bit from Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Before it’s over Deadpool is crippled and shackled to Colossus. Of course he manages to get away, but not before delivering one more injury to himself and leaving Piotr Rasputin with the hilarious gift of one hand delivering the bird (detached from its owner).

  1. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya”

What’s the best DMX track? Stop. That’s a rhetorical question. It’s obviously the heading of this section. Try to listen to that song without getting pumped up and wanting to deliver a serious smackdown. Stop again. It’s impossible. So when “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” drops right before the finale of Deadpool, you can’t help but feel stoked for the violence and mayhem to come.

Watching Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Best. X-Men. Name. Ever.) march towards a downed facsimile of a helicarrier to save the day is incredible. Even the brief humorous interlude of Deadpool calling his favorite cabbie only adds to the moment. This is a moment of pure badassery composed of badasses preparing to do badass thing. If I’m not being clear enough as to why this is a top 5 moment, then I don’t believe there’s anything else I can say.

  1. Stan Lee as Strip Club DJ

There will be an eternal debate about Stan Lee’s best cameos. He’s had so many varying from the witless truck driver attempting to seize Thor’s hammer to the witless bystander saving a child from the Green Goblin’s wrath. Stan “The Man” Lee’s cameo in Deadpool is bound to always be a part of that conversation though. His appearance as a DJ at a strip club is simply the tops.

It’s that perfect mix of minor role, funny one-liner, and scummy situation that makes a perfect fit for this Marvel cornerstone to appear. When Deadpool shows up at the strip club to find his lady love Vanessa, it’s already a scene rife with laughs (thanks to TJ Miller) and hormones (thanks to all of the naked ladies). When Lee pops up like a man not sure of quite where he is, it’s breaks any tension in the scene to let loose one, big laugh shared by the audience. I may not want to stake my reputation on it being the best, but I’d happily wager this is a top three cameo appearance by Stan Lee.

  1. Sex Montage

So here’s the thing: sex montages in and of themselves are just excellent. Who doesn’t love seeing some hot bodies get smashed together on the big screen? Deadpool makes it even better by making those bodies two of the most attractive and charismatic in all of Hollywood. Watching Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin interact is already a delight, but when they’re naked it’s even better. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl, whether you’re straight, gay, or anything else, you know these are sexy people.

It’s not just that they have a sexy montage though. That montage is every bit as funny and charming as the rest of Deadpool as it’s set against a backdrop of holidays. Thanksgiving is a laugh and a half with their bodies covered in mashed potatoes and turkey. Halloween is hilarious when Reynolds pops up from beneath the covers with Dracula teeth in his mouth. The absolute highlight of the scene is when International Women’s Day springs up and Reynold’s and Baccarin’s positions are reversed. It’s a joke that shows just how comfortable these two are experimenting and will likely test the boundaries of audience members not inclined to trying new things.

Have you had a chance to see Deadpool yet? What were your favorite moments? Share in the comments below.


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