ComicBook Countdown for the Week of July 6

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on July 7, 2015.

There’s nary a week when great comics, movies, or television shows aren’t all vying for our attention. It can be hard to keep up with it all, but that’s why we’re here. Each Monday at ComicBook.Com, we take a look at the five most exciting things coming to the world of fandom to keep you in the know.

5. True Detective, “Down Will Come” | HBO

As much as we all love the first season of True Detective one year down the road, I don’t think it really wowed us until episode four. That’s the episode that ended on a six minute tracking shot. It was an incredible piece of directing that landed an episode where the plot really began to spin. This Sunday the second season of True Detective will reach its midway point. Whether it turns out to be a sophmore year disappointment or delivers another top-notch mixture of direction, action, and acting has yet to be seen. However it turns out, I suspect this will be the episode that defines the quality of the new season.

4. Saga #30 | Image Comics

For the fifth time in its run, Saga is going on hiatus. There’s bound to be a lot of laughs, tears, and screams before the last page ofSaga #30 this week followed by a few long, cold Saga-less months. Don’t be too sad though, there’s plenty of time in the following months to check out new comics from Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan. Staples will be re-launching Archie with writer Mark Waid this week, and Vaughan will be debuting both Papergirls and a new The Walking Dead mini-series this year. Saga is on hiatus, long live Saga.

3. Minions | Illumination Entertainment

There’s quite a bit to like about the Despicable Me cartoons, but the standout success of both films are the funny, little, yellow twerps called Minions. Not only are they marketable, but they are actually very funny. Their antics rely on big physical humor and gags, along with plenty of exaggeration like a modern-day Tex Avery cartoon. Getting to watch the three most recognizable minions run amok across Great Britain ought to be a joy for parents, children, and everyone in between.

2. High Crimes HC | Dark Horse Comics

Ever hear the phrase “the best book no one is reading”? Here it is. It’s High Crimes. Originally published by Monkeybrain, all 12 issues of High Crimes is being brought to print by Dark Horse Comics in a beautiful $20 hardcover this week. It’s a thrilling mystery containing ex-Olympic athletes, secret agents, and tons of secrets all set in one of the deadliest places on Earth: Mt. Everest. If you missed out on this Eisner-nominated series when it debuted on Comixology, don’t make the same mistake twice. It’s too good to be ignored.


1. San Diego Comic-Con | Comic-Con International

I hope you weren’t expecting to see anything else in the number one spot this week. San Diego Comic-Con is kind of a big deal afterall. Sure, there are crowds, long lines, and crazy high prices for a drink. But it’s also the biggest comic convention in the world and that’s really amazing. There’s no greater collection of comics talent and mind power under a single roof than in San Diego from July 8th through the 12th. If you love comics, San Diego Comic-Con is still the place to be every year. Also, Follow along with’s San Diego Comic Con 2015 coverage by clicking here.

What new comics, shows, and other releases are you looking forward to this week? Share in the comments below.


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