Weekly Checkup – 07/03/2013

A couple titles I’ve recommended before aren’t appearing on this week’s list, namely “Green Lantern” and “Suicide Risk”. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with either of these books. I had previously recommended both as being worth checking out. However, I realized that although both the art and writing was good, they weren’t really things that stuck with me. I didn’t feel compelled to pick up the next issue. When there are so many books that make you crave more, it becomes very difficult to buy things just because there’s nothing wrong with them. So I want to be clear when I say that if either of those books fall up your alley (superhero space opera or realistic superheroics) then check them out. As for me, I’m going to try out “Satellite Sam” and “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man” this week.

Earth Two 14
Earth Two #14
Recommendation: Robinson’s final arc on “Earth Two” is exactly what you would expect out of this series. The “free” wonders argue with the “military” wonders, the art is very pretty, and there are some nice references to old JSA and Third World mythology. It’s fun though and I’ll miss it.

Green Arrow 22
Green Arrow #22
Recommendation: Lemire’s first arc set the stage for what has the potential to be one of the best Green Arrow runs of all time. I appreciate that this issue is keeping decompression to a minimum, introducing a lot (without using spoilers, it’s hard to explain how many) of new elements, while keeping the action moving. The action in this issue is also beautiful, whether it’s Ollie taking on a band of mercenaries or the rather brilliant depiction of Count Vertigo’s powers. My only complaint would be that Vertigo’s costume is more than a wee bit silly.

The Private Eye 3
The Private Eye #3
Recommendation: After slowing down a little in issue two, Vaughan hits the gas right from the start here. I love that the stakes are made exceedingly clear twice in this issue, both on a very personal level in the first few pages and on a grander scale in a whammy of a cliffhanger. You decide how much you pay for this series, so there’s no excuse to not be reading it. Like everything Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Martin produce, it’s stunning.

Satellite Sam 1
Satellite Sam #1
Recommendation: I managed to snag the last copy of this off the shelf at Legend Comics, which makes me the winner of today. If you like Fraction and Chaykin’s work, you’ll like this. It’s seedy, dense (it will require more than one reading), and filled with just the right mix of familiar genre beats and brand new story ideas. Noir, 50’s television, and a box full of nekkid ladies… What’s not to love?

Superior Foes of Spider-Man 1
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1
Recommendation: The first comic I remember reading is John Ostrander’s “Suicide Squad”. I loved the concept of villains being people. Exploring what actually drives C- and D-list characters made for a really compelling comic with a lot of flexibility. It’s the same thing that made “Secret Six” work. It’s the same thing that makes this issue work. There’s a lot of humor, great art, and a cast that’s both compelling and decidedly ordinary (despite their extraordinary powers). Only time will tell, but I really expect for this to be a standout comic amongst Marvel’s lineup.

Ten Grand 3
Ten Grand #3
Recommendation: Along with “Revival”, this is the best horror offering on the market. It’s everything that made people fall in love with “Hellblazer” wrapped into brand new ideas and characters. Combine that with Templesmith’s moody and sometimes delirious stylings and you have a book that will have you cringing as you burn through the pages each month.

Thief of Thieves 15
Thief of Thieves #15
Recommendation: I got to the end of this and realized that although a lot had been said on the pages, not a whole lot had actually occurred. It seemed like Diggle was just introducing all of the elements he needed to tell the story he wanted to tell. That’s fine and dandy, but it doesn’t make for a super compelling comic. This sort of issue may just prove to be a downside of using a rotating cast of writers where each one is forced to connect the dots to something new.


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Chase is a mild-mannered finance guy by day and a raving comics fan by night. He has been reading comics for more than half of his life (all 23 years of it). After graduating from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with degrees in Economics and English, he has continued to research comics while writing articles and reviews online. His favorite superhero is Superman and he'll accept no other answers. Don't ask about his favorite comic unless you're ready to spend a day discussing dozens of different titles.
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