Weekly Checkup – 07/10/2013

I liked a lot of the books that came out this week and disliked a few as well. In general though, there’s plenty of good reads on the stands every week and I’m not going to write down on “good” simply because it makes up a majority of my pull list. However, three of the […]

Friday Follow Up – 07/05/2013 or Nick Spencer: Foe-tastic Formulator of Funnybooks

The first comic I recall purchasing was “Suicide Squad” #6 (written by John Ostrander, drawn by Luke McDonnell). It was the first taste that got me hooked on funnybooks. I didn’t know who the characters were (except Deadshot who had appeared on Justice League) or what was going on, but it still worked. The action […]

Weekly Checkup – 07/03/2013

A couple titles I’ve recommended before aren’t appearing on this week’s list, namely “Green Lantern” and “Suicide Risk”. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with either of these books. I had previously recommended both as being worth checking out. However, I realized that although both the art and writing was good, they weren’t really […]