Friday Follow Up – 06/28/2013 or Why You Need to Read Hawkeye

The importance of empathy and perspective in storytelling cannot be overstated. Readers engage with stories when they care about the characters. That doesn’t mean that all characters should be extra nice or overly relatable, only that they need to be written in a manner that allows the audience to connect to them. However, it’s easier […]

Weekly Checkup – 06/26/2013

Whoa, this week was a whopper and I feel absolutely spoiled. With everything from pulp revivals (Five Ghosts) to great superhero action (FF and Young Avengers), from dynamic debuts (Lazarus) to the best comic in recent memory (Hawkeye (read: Hawkguy)) there is something for absolutely everyone this week. So get down to your local comic […]

Age of Arrogance

Let me start by saying that I don’t enjoy being negative. When I read a comic (or watch a movie [or consume any form of media]), I really want to like what I’m interacting with. We only have so much time to engage with art and stories and the best possible outcome is that it’s […]

Wednesday Checkup – 06/19/2013

Age of Ultron #10 Recommendation: Age of Ultron was a $40 advertisement for some mini-series it sets up at the end. Marvel now has its own “punching the walls of reality” moment too. Good job! Brother Lono #1 Recommendation: I love “100 Bullets”, but it’s also a story that I have always felt was complete. […]

Man of Steel: You’ll Believe a Man Can Fail

“Man of Steel” is not an entirely flawed film. It’s certainly better than some recent blockbusters like “Transformers 2”. The casting is fantastic. Henry Cavill stands out in the titular role, but is matched by the likes of Michael Shannon as Zod and Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy (both of whom can chew scenery with […]

Wednesday Checkup – 06/12/2013

Well, the Internet in the far reaches of British Columbia is not great, but it’s good enough that I can access my comics and type up reviews (as long as I add images ahead of time). So with little time to spare, here is the Wednesday Checkup! Batman #21 Recommendation: Snyder pulls off a strong […]

Wednesday Checkup – 06/05/2013

Sorry about the lateness of this. I was informed this week at work that I will be going on rotations to a remote campsite in British Columbia (2.5 hour boat ride from the nearest town) starting next week, so I’ve been very busy. I will be doing my best to keep up with reviews and […]