Cleavage Comics

Today I’d like to discuss something very important: the Scarlet Witch’s boobs. With the Gender Through Comics class starting on Monday, I’ve been thinking a lot about sexuality and gender-related issues in the comics industry. If you lived through the 90’s, it’s no secret that the human form has often been exploited and reimagined to […]

Friday Follow Up – 03/29/2013

Age of Ultron #3 On the bright side, we got a more dramatic reveal than Captain America hanging out in a hallway at the end of this issue. Besides that final reveal, there isn’t a whole lot new about this issue to enjoy. It’s composed of more ruined landscapes, more talking about a plan, and […]

Weekly Checkup – 03/27/2013

It’s a relatively light week altogether with only five new issues and an oversized one-shot from Vertigo. I’ll just be looking at two issues in depth today and examining the rest on Friday. Before we start in though, I’d like to request some feedback. Although I enjoy writing these reviews and making recommendations, it seems […]

Classes Start Soon

This weekend Christina Blanch sent out the reading list for her five week online course, “Gender Through Comics”. It’s a helluva reading list too. It’s peppered with all sorts of high-level talent and comic classics, both new and old. The first week takes a look at the works of Terry Moore, featuring the first two […]

Good Comics 5¢

Last Tuesday Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, Ex Machina) and Marcos Martin (Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man) released their new creator-owned book “The Private Eye”. It would be exciting to see something from either of these creators under normal circumstances. They both do truly great work in the comics medium and it’s the same team that previously produced […]

Friday Follow Up – 03/22/2013

All-New X-Men #9 Bendis continues to write an enjoyable slow burning book in “All-New X-Men” setting up villains in the background and tying it to its sister title “Uncanny X-Men”. Like always the character work and dialogue are a joy to read, even if not much really happens.If it came out on a monthly schedule, […]

Weekly Checkup – 03/20/2013

Saga #11 It’s often difficult to maintain the same magic that can ensnare a reader with a first issue. Story and art can be maintained at high levels, but there’s nothing quite like reading the first issue of a series, it’s something impossible to recapture. Except that’s a blatant lie. Every issue of “Saga” manages […]

Comics Vs. Graphic Novels: Semantic Showdown

If you walk into any bookstore or library and want to read a comic, what label do you look for? It’s “graphic novel”. Unless you’re in a comic book store, comics (specifically in America) sit under the label of “graphic novel”. They are situated as a category or genre of English prose, like “Western” or […]

Naka-Kon 2013

This weekend I attended Naka-Con, an anime convention, in Kansas City, Kansas. It provided a different perspective to the con going experience for me. I’ve attended a wide variety of both comic and gaming conventions before, but never an anime convention. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the subject matter, it’s simply that I’m […]

Friday Follow Up – 03/15/2013

Avengers Arena #6 Dennis Hopeless has been waging an uphill battle with this series. The premise sounds exploitative and cruel. However, he’s managed to make it work. He has handled each character with care and respect (except for poor Red Raven, whoever that was). You really care for the people in this book, whether they […]