Weekly Checkup – 02/27/2013

Marvel has turned itself into a Phoenix metaphor. “AVX” was an example of almost everything that is wrong with the Big Two, including but not limited to poor writing, bloated stories, misuse of talent, and unnecessary cross-overs. I was only reading two books from Marvel on a weekly basis (“Amazing Spider-Man” and “Hawkeye”, “Daredevil” as […]

Breaking News: Insert Spoilers Here!

*SPOILERS BELOW* Let me be clear, if you are reading “Batman Incorporated” or any other Batman related titles, spoilers are posted below. If you have somehow avoided the spoilers about tomorrow’s issue and do not want a major plot point revealed, then stop reading now. If you somehow don’t know the story of “Watchmen”, there […]

X-cellent New Books

Blast! It appears I’ll be out at least another $8 every month going forward. Yesterday, I finally tried “All-New X-Men” written by Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers, Daredevil)¬†and drawn by Stuart Immonen (NEXTWave) and just like everyone told me, it was a pretty, darn good read. I initially resisted the urge to purchase any of […]

Economix: The Not-So-Dismal Comic (Part One)

Raise your hand if you enjoy discussing monetary policy and David Ricardo’s models of trade. Both of you with your hands raised, we should hang out soon. For everyone else, I recognize that economics is not the most exciting subject at school, even if I find it to be exhilarating stuff. To the vast majority […]

What the Heckblazer?

Everything wakes up and gets on with it. Everything carries on living. All except for me. I’m dying. – John Constantine, “Dangerous Habits” Hellblazer, after 25 years and 300 issues, ended this Wendnesday. It will be remembered for a laundry list of items, including being the longest running Vertigo title, helping to launch the Vertigo […]

Weekly Checkup

I’d like to provide a brief review of a few comics off my pull list each Wednesday. Whether this acts as a recommendation, denunciation or start of a conversation, it’s up to you. Unfortunately, I am in Portland for work this Wednesday and will only have access to books which I purchase on Comixology. Saga […]

Bringing Comics to Class

Christina Blanch, an adjunct professor at Ball State University, will be teaching a course entitled “Gender Through Comics” later this spring. That’s not necessarily anything new or exciting. Comics have been slowly gaining traction in universities for year. But there’s a twist. Christina’s course will be online, entirely free and feature some of the most […]

The New (Wave) Deadwardians

I picked up the trade paperback of "The New Deadwardians" from my local comic book store on a Wednesday. There had been plenty of positive reviews and comments about the eight-issue mini-series when it was coming out, but for some reason it never made it to my pull list. That's probably for the best. It's […]

Orson Scott Card: Hate the Hater or Ender’s Game?

Let me preface this. I don’t want to make this a political blog. The goal of this site is to encourage discussion and critical thought concerning modern art, specifically comics. However, art has a nasty tendency of side stepping its way into political or moral issues and these are worth addressing. So every once in […]